Windjammer Days

Boothbay Harbor Windjammer Days Festival

June 25 - July 1, 2017
Windjammers sail into the region June 27th - 28th, 2017

The Festival will take place June 25th-July 1st, with the windjammers scheduled to arrive in Linekin Bay on Tuesday, June 27th and then into Boothbay Harbor during the parade of sail on Wednesday, June 28th. 

The Friends of Windjammer Days, a group of local citizens and business owners, says the yearly celebration of these magnificent tall ships, which played a key role in making Boothbay Harbor a center of American  ship building, has historically been a community-led effort that kicks off the summer tourist season and brings a significant boost to the region’s economy. Last year, the festival generated thousands of  dollars in revenue for local businesses.

“We are excited to bring this event back to its roots as a community-led effort,” said Dianne Gimbel, a co-chair of Friends of Windjammer Days. “We are grateful for the many volunteers who have already stepped up to make this year’s event memorable, and especially to the Boothbay Harbor Region Chamber of Commerce for their sponsorship and support.” 

For more than 50 years, the Chamber had taken the lead on organizing the event working with volunteers, including solicitation of sponsors.  With the new 501c3 status, The Friends of Windjammer Days, has taken advantage of grant opportunities and tax deductible contributions.  The organization has engaged even more citizens and businesses in sponsoring, planning and running this year’s events. The Chamber is working closely with Friends of Windjammer Days this year and is a lead sponsor of the festival.

The majority of Windjammer Days events are free to the public, unlike other festivals that have tickets or fee-based activities. The annual Windjammer Days Festival will feature several new events and attractions, including a Cod Fish Race where relay teams have to transport a fish through the streets of town in full foul weather gear, lobster eating contest, and food booths from local restaurants, as well as classic events such as the Boothbay Harbor One Design Boat Race; the hometown street parade; an antique boat parade; Artists’ Alley; waterfront concerts; Pirates of the Dark Rose; museum exhibits; kids’ tents; pancake breakfast; boat excursions; and a spectacular fireworks display over the harbor.

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"WELCOME ABOARD!" Join us June 25th to 26th for the Boothbay Harbor Region's yearly celebration of our rich maritime history, the 51st Annual Windjammer Days Festival!

At this year's Windjammer Days Festival you will find something for everyone and most of the events are FREE to the public! You will see beautiful windjammers sail into Boothbay Harbor, including a motley gang of pirates that will defend Boothbay Harbor against the British in a tribute to the anniversary of the War of 1812 striking not terror but delight in the hearts of all those they encounter.

Enjoy sailboat races, a golf tournament, a unique antique boat parade, a lively street parade, incredible fireworks over the harbor on Wednesday evening, creative kids programs and games, free concerts, and an artist's alley and craft show, and the annual Rocky Coast Road Race are just a few of the family fun events. This is just a sampling of all the fun and free events you will experience when you come to Boothbay Harbor for Windjammer Days.

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This wonderful event celebrates and honors a time before there were planes, trains, and automobiles and sailing ships were the best way to travel the world or transport goods long distances. Windjammers were the grandest of the merchant ships from the era, enormous sailing boats with several large masts designed to carry massive amounts of cargo from one continent to another. For centuries, the Boothbay Harbor Region has been a center of American shipping and shipbuilding, its harbor graced by elegant Windjammers as well as other commercial pleasure ships.

Visit the 53rd Annual Windjammer Days Festival for an unforgettable coastal Maine experience... a great time for family, fun and fabulous food!


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