890466.jpgThe old town of Boothbay was incorporated in 1764 and celebrated its 250th anniversary in 2014.  It has four villages: Boothbay Center, East Boothbay, Ocean Point, and Trevett; as well as three islands in the Sheepscot River connected by bridges to the mainland: Barters, Hodgdon and Sawyer, each with year-round populations as well as scores of summer residents. 

Boothbay offers many attractions, including an 18-hole golf course, railway museum, playhouse, over 30 miles of hiking trails on over 1,700 acres of land trust preserves, and New England's largest botanical garden with beautiful gardens, trails and sculpture on over 250 waterfront acres. A wide variety of accommodations overlooks the ocean, lakes and ponds, or are nestled in the woods. East Boothbay maintains its long history of shipbuilding, with small shipyards that once turned out large sailing vessels now building power and sail pleasure craft, as well as commercial fishing and tug boats.

Uniquely positioned between Linekin Bay and the Damariscotta River, East Boothbay boasts tidal water known as Mill Pond where logs once floated to Hodgdon's grist mill. 

Ocean Point, a summer colony of long standing with attractive cottages, offers a shore drive on route 96 with an unsurpassed view of the Atlantic and the rocky islands. One of the many islands is Damariscove where Pilgrims came to trade with the Indians; and Fisherman's Island which has been a restful retreat for Protestant ministers for many summers. In the distance, on a clear day, Monhegan Island is plainly visible. 
Boothbay Town Office 1011 Wiscasset Road
PO Box 106
Boothbay, ME 04537
Assessors   207.633.2051
Building Permit   207.633.2051
Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement
Dan Bryer, Jr.

Lori Colton
207.633.2192 x16

207.633.2051 x15
Deputy Clerk Heidi Fuller
207.633.2051 x11
Deputy Treasurer Tracey Hodgdon-Hyson
207.633.2051 x13
Harbor Master Peter Ripley
Public Works Foreman Mike Alley
Registrar of Voters   207.633.2051 
Town Clerk Bonnie Lewis
207.633.2051 x12
Town Manager Dan Bryer, Jr.
207.633.2051 x10
Ambulance, Fire and Police   911 (emergency only) 
Ambulance 18 Corey Lane
Boothbay, ME  04537
207.633.7711 (non-emergency)
Boothbay Harbor Police Department 207.633.2451 (non-emergency)
Boothbay Harbor Police Department Chief of Police Robert Hasch
Boothbay Harbor Sewer District 27 Sea Street
Boothbay Harbor, ME  04538
Boothbay Region Refuse Disposal District 119 Country Club Road
PO Box 105
Boothbay, ME  04537
Lincoln County Sheriff

Todd B. Brackett 207.882.7332 (non-emergency)
East Boothbay Fire Station 

6 School Street 
East Boothbay, ME  04544
Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office 42 Bath Road
PO Box 611
Wiscasset, ME  04578
207.882.7332 (non-emergency)
Northern New England Poison Control Center 

22 Bramhall Street
Portland, ME  04102

(24/7 poison information and treatment advice)