Town of Newcastle

8495744.jpgOriginally called Sheepscot Plantation, Newcastle was first settled in the 1630s by fishermen and around 50 families. The village of Newcastle is located in the eastern part of the town, on the Damariscotta River. Together with the village of Damariscotta, linked by the Main Street bridge, they form the Twin Villages. 

The Newcastle Historical Society's museum, located in the old historic Tanscot Engine House on Main Street, is filled with artifacts and historical memorabilia. The Sheepscot Historic District includes 51 buildings in the Italianate, Greek Revival, and Federal styles. Nearby Great Salt Bay is a wonderful example of natural conservation. 

The 540-acre Dodge Point Public Reserved Land boasts 8,000 feet of shoreline along the Damariscotta River. Newcastle is a beautiful setting for hiking, cross-country skiing, fishing, or a nice quiet walk.

Newcastle Town Office 4 Pump Street
PO Box 386
Newcastle, ME  04553
Administrator, Treasurer, Tax Collector Lynn P. Maloney
Animal Control Officer/Constable Lincoln County Sheriff's Office 207.882.7332
Burning Permit, Deputy Warden Jim Brinkler 207.563.3105
Burning Permit, Deputy Warden Robert Hatch 207.563.5901
Burning Permit, Warden Clayton Huntley 207.563.1319 (home)
207.563.3888 (office)
CEO, Code Enforcement, Plumbing Inspector and Emergency 911 Ken Vinal
(Certified) Assessor’s Agent James Murphy
Constable Mark Doe
Town Clerk, Deputy Treasurer,  Deputy Tax Collector, Registrar of Voters, Motor Vehicle Agent Dawn Burns
Deputy  Susan Anneley
Newcastle Fire Company, Inc., Fire Chief Clayton Huntley 207.563.3888
Road Commissioner, Superintendent of Roads, Buildings and Grounds Steve Reynolds
Selectman - Chair Brian Foote  
Selectman - Vice Chair Christopher Doherty  
Selectman R. Benjamin Frey  
Selectman Carolyn Hatch  
Selectman Joel Lind